Rocky Top Rocking Horses, formerly known as “All His Horses,” is producing various styles and sizes of handcrafted wooden rocking horses.

  Meet Charlie Buchleiter and Bill Carlson, both are retired Navy veterans, shipmates, and now neighbors. They and their wives, Suzanne and Joyce have been best friends for over 45 years and are pooling their talents to produce quality wooden rocking horses.

   Charlie, a talented craftsman has done wood-working most of his life. He has recently retired from his day job to devote full time to his wood-working shop. He has been searching for a product that would please customers and be fun to produce. Suzanne is a skilled artist and shares the painting tasks with Joyce

   Bill is a retired software engineer and systems developer. He handles the administrative side of Rocky Top Rocking Horses. Joyce is a retired teacher and contributes her skills as an artist.

   Our friends and mentors, John and Anna Sprankell are working with us to ensure that we are producing the quality of rocking horses that made their business a success. They produced over 26,000 rocking horses in 28 years.